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come-one-come-alltimelow: derren is my favourite man ever:') i've been waiting for a derren blog for so long,follow forever!

Then you’re very welcome here my friend!

This blog has been a bit empty lately due to Christmas and our focus on a magic themed Secret Santa we ran, but there will be lots of new posts now that it’s the new year (and there will hopefully be lots of new fans watching his work thanks to Sherlock!)

John, john look at me and sleep! Right the way down, right the way deep, right the way sound asleep. That’s great, that’s good. My voice right there in the centre of your head and floating all the way around you. And you will awaken in three, two, one, zero…


Lets Draw Derren: Theme for January
Derren Demotivates

Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2014 and you probably already have a list of things you want or need to do this year, changes you may want to make in your life. Motivation is what’s needed, and what could be better than a Motivational poster?

So, the theme for January is to create your own Motivational or Demotivational posters with Derren! This theme should be open for everyone to get involved, they’re super quick and easy to make, and you can do almost anything you want with your design :) you can add a motivational quote of Derrens, or a funny one, or make up something of your own!

Over on Very Demotivational you can get a little idea of what to create and where the ‘Demotivational’ posters originally came from. Which one you make is up to you! You can create these in Paint, Photoshop or over on this website, so everyone should be able to have a go.

Have fun!

{The general entry guidelines are here if you’d like a refresher}

Anonymous: Have you put hot water in the mug yet? Love, santa ;)


I actually can’t begin to describe how much I love this. It’s beautiful.
And what’s better is it actually disappears when my tea starts getting cold, so I’ll never have another cold cup of tea again. It’s a thing of magical beauty. I love you, secret santa ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  



What an AMAZING gift!


So I finally caved and opened my secret santa present and it is damn cool :D Thank you, santa, whoever you are!


Posting this a little late considering I opened it a few days before Christmas (as I have no patience what-so-ever!) but this was my adorable Derren themed secret santa gift with a lovely note in beautiful magical handwriting. I plan on enjoying my Yorkshire cuppa and chocolate stars tonight with a bit of HD Midsomer Murders haha!!  ♥

What a lovely letter!


My Derren Brown Secret Santa present arrived!! I couldn’t help but cheekily open them early; two pairs of toasty gloves and funnily enough the exact Jelly Belly candle I wanted! Thank you so much grey-flatcap, I love my gifts! Oh, I just checked your blog and it appears that you’ve left Tumblr? :(


Secret Santa!

So far there’s been some absolutely fantastic gifts (virtual and physical) passed around but there are still a few that we’re waiting on. We’re going to give those who still have to upload their gifts the benefit of the doubt for now, seeing as it is Christmas and we’re all very busy, but if you don’t receive a gift before the end of 26 Dec don’t fret, we have some back-up gifters waiting just for you :)

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you so so much to everyone that took part in the Secret Santa, it’s been so much fun!!

Derren Brown meets Hannibal Lecter: jenkenassckles secret Santa!


'Ah Mr Lecter,' a sculptured silhouette said, 'so nice of you to join me tonight. No one likes being alone for Christmas.'
A face looked up into the light of the doorframe of Derren’s front door. ‘Oh, Mr Brown… I wouldn’t have missed it for the world’ a smirk spread across the angled face of the visitor. ‘Oh, do come in’. The guest stepped into the large and empty house. A mist of steam set among every window of the bottom floor. Mr Lecter ran his finger along the middle of a window, smiling at his achievement of drawing a face. His own face lit up like a child at Christmas but it wasn’t one of accomplishment but one of mystery. ‘Thank you so much for bringing some food with you, you really didn’t have to’ Derren’s voice echoed into the distant kitchen. Mr Lecter was caught off guard and his head shot up towards the direction of the voice. He began to walk down the hallway, his heels signalling every step he took. ‘Oh no really, it’s my pleasure. It was no trouble at all. An old friend helped me out with it.’ Mr Lecter said placing a large silver platter plate onto the long, black table that flooded it’s way into an entire room. Derren began to stir some food substance into boiling water, creating a thick, brown liquid. Mr Lecter began looking around the large room and at the massive portraits that took up vast amounts of room on the walls, they were extremely textured but seemed peaceful at the same time. ‘Wont be a minute!’ Derren’s voice strained from the kitchen. ‘No rush’ Mr Lecter replied, not taking his eyes off of the walls. Derren rushed in and placed the seemingly hot plates onto a place mat each. ‘Please do sit!’ Derren gestured at the seat at the far end of the table. Derren picked up a balloon-styled wine glass which was half filled with a dark, pigmented red wine. Some of the wine stuck to the side of the glass, indicating it’s expensive value. ‘Thank you Mr Lecter, for joining me’ a half smile darted onto Derren’s face. Mr Lecters mirrored this, a sign of his thanks also. Both men began to eat their meals, both mmm-ing in approval. Derren then shot up and exclaimed ‘shit! I’ve left the potatoes!’ and then began to pardon himself from the table, wiping his mouth with the pristinely white napkin. Mr Lecter laughed at Derren’s panic and wiped his mouth also ‘it’s really no trouble, honestly’ Derren walked back into the room and placed the bowl of potatoes next to his guest. ‘No no no, everything needs to be perfect..’ Derren, still standing behind his guest, pulled out a glistening stick. A knife. Before his guest could take his next bite, the object plunged itself into his back. Mr Lecter dropped his knife and fork with a clatter and a soft groan left his lips while his head hit his plate. ‘Oh, Mr Lecter…’ Derren whispered into his guests ear ‘how the tables have turned’.

MERRY CHRISTMAS jenkenassckles !

I’m your secret Santa, hope you have a great day:)))))

Wow, fantastic!!