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Derren Brown and the Chapman Brothers

So the trailer for The Great Art Robbery is out and the artwork that is to be “stolen” revealed. The piece, One Day You Will No Longer Be Loved III, an oil painting altered by the Chapman brothers, cleverly highlights the themes which Derren has discussed in his interviews about his new show: society’s attitude to its past, and ancestry (in this case old age pensioners), as irrelevant. The One Day You Will No Longer Be Loved series takes old portraits (bought at auctions and flea markets) and defaces the sitter so that they appear to have decayed and reflects the Chapman’s fixation with mortality.

Derren has previously worked with the Chapman brothers in his Trick or Treat series, using their piece Arachnokitty and art critic Adrian Searle. The trick consisted of two out of three wrapped canvases being sliced with a knife, one containing the original work. During the trick the piece was unharmed but once the cameras were turned off the brothers insisted that Searle slash the painting anyway to complete its transformation from artwork to theatrical object. The piece, complete with slash, now hangs in the Liverpool Tate gallery under the name When Art Critics Go Bad. You can watch Adrian slash the painting in a behind the scenes video here.

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